Simplifying DevOps - DevOps 099


January 6th, 2022

34 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Ready to show off your coding skills to the world? Not so fast. In this episode, Will and Jillian discuss why developers need to simplify their product with the end goal in mind—the customer. They share some awesome examples of how to do this, how you can win Future You’s approval, and the steps to create a smooth user experience.

“I think it’s a hard mental shift to say that my area of expertise shouldn’t be visible in the product. But, you need to understand the end goal. My goal is to automate myself out of a job, then move on.”

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In This Episode:
Jillian shares a killer example that should inspire all DevOps people to simplify their process
As a programmer, you want to tell the customer how great your programming is, right? Hold on…Will shares a different perspective
How Will approaches his programming that avoids all customer confusion and creates a seamless experience
What Jillian believes is MORE important than learning how to code (sometimes)
Why you need these TWO things that will earn Future You’s approval


Techy: Airflow and Strapi
Non-techy: Harriet the Hamster Princess

Until the End of Time by Brian Greene

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