Server-less DevOps with Allen Helton - DevOps 105


February 17th, 2022

58 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

Ready to pull the plug and go server-less? Hold your horses. In this episode, the DevOps fellows sit down with Allen Helton, a developer knows all about server-less ops. They discuss the biggest pros and cons for going server-less, why you HAVE to start with the big “A” to keep everything neat, and the NUMBER ONE mistake developers make when trying server-less for the first time.

“ServerOps engineers are just as important as DevOps engineers are. There’s a lot of crossover.”
- Allen Helton

In This Episode

1) The HUGE pros for going server-less in 2022 (and why it doesn’t have to be too different from traditional DevOps)
2) Why server-less ops MUST start with the big “A” to keep everything tidy
3) The NUMBER ONE mistake traditional devs make when trying out server-less for the first time
4) How to learn Sever-less Ops efficiently and NOT overwhelm yourself (even if you’re a beginner)