Jonathan Hall

Co-Host of Adventures in DevOps

Jonathan Hall, a software developer and DevOps advocate originally from the midwest United States, living in the Netherlands since 2015.

He have experienced many successes in other companies. Some more or less drastic.

At DoubleCheck, he transitioned the team from a highly manual, ad-hoc release process, with no tests in place, and a lead time of weeks, to a reproducible build, with high test coverage, and lead time of minutes.

In 2015,’s 1,000+ developers had no code review process, or even the tools to do so when desired. He lead the initiative to test various code review tools, and settled on GitLab as the choice to give teams the flexibility to adopt code review processes.

At Teamwork, he helped streamline the test suite for one of their core products, to be more robust and reliable, allowing for more frequent and safer releases.

Starting in 2017, he helped Bugaboo transition from a distributed, outsourced development team of approximately 25 developers, with a lead time of 4 weeks, with no logging or monitoring in place, and frequent downtime, to an in-house team of 10, with a lead time of less than one day, with logging and monitoring in place, and a proper incident-response process.

Jonathan Hall has hosted two Episodes.