AWS and IAM with Stephen Kuenzli - DevOps 106


March 3rd, 2022

58 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Ready to add another tool to your toolkit? In this episode, the squad sits down with AWS connoisseur, Stephen Kuenzli. They lay out how to make integrating IAM a breeze, the EXCITING future of AWS, and why AWS hasn’t asked you this ONE question that, frankly, you should have asked already.

“Even if you think you know AWS one Day 1, it’s changed on Day 2. It’s important to simplify how you access these resources.”
- Stephen Kuenzli

In This Episode

1) How AWS makes integrating IAM a breeze (with some really cool encryption tricks!)
2) Why AWS hasn’t asked you this ONE important question (and why you should!)
3) The BEST resource libraries to keep you feeling confident and in control (even if you’re new to AWS)
4) What the exciting future of AWS looks like for 2022 and beyond